"First-in-class redox drugs based on redox biochemistry of natural products and epigenetic targets"

​BenoBio advances in the development of first-in-class drugs through redox science to improve the human life span and the quality of life in epigenetics.

BenoBio believes that the science and technology of redox biochemistry & post-translational modification lead to the development of first-in-class drugs against diabetes-related illnesses and cancers which makes BenoBio the leader as a new global innovation company in the treatment of untreatable diseases.

While most research on the regulation of signal transduction mechanisms focuses on phosphorylation and the research on the regulation of signal transduction involving oxidative and nitrosative stresses being unique, BenoBio has distinctive technology for reinterpreting cellular signaling regulation and redox regulation and in epigenetics’ target proteins.


KRAS department


Credit: Kevan Shokat

In 2013, Shokat reported the first covalent inhibitor of KRas G12C. This crystal structure shows the Ras protein surface (gray) with bound GDP at right and the covalently linked inhibitor at left tethered to a mutant cysteine (yellow).



Bromodomain and Extra-Terminal motif (BET) Inhibitors

BETi department develops unique first-in-class drug candidates for the treatment of cancer and inflammatory diseases derived from proprietary technologies developed in BenoBio's research centers. Currently, BenoBio Co., Ltd. runs an in-house R&D lab and research center at the Catholic University of Korea. 



Redox Signaling Functions Through The Critical Cysteines

BenoBio's Redox Science and Technology have the 'paramount state of the art' focus on cellular signaling through critical cysteines. We discovered the critical cysteines in every global regulatory protein in cellular signaling pathways, including oncology and epigenetics.